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Express Shipping & Gift Wrapping | $9.50 for All Orders in Oz
Express Shipping & Gift Wrapping | $9.50 for All Orders in Oz

A Collection of Locally Crafted Gifts

High-End, Locally Crafted Bits & Pieces

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High End Kitchen Knives Crafted in Woodvile, South Australia

"Koi Knives" - Where Japanese Steel Meets Australian Wood

"Koi Knives" - Where Japanese Steel Meets Australian Wood

Two, forty something chaps, have been making some insane Japanese steels blades with Australian wooden one-off Handles.

You can see more of what these jokers are up to and the products they making here.

They are the perfect gift for food lovers, whether that is friend, partner or even yourself!

Damascus Knives by "Koi Knives" - Woodville, SA

The Mens Most Sought After Jewellery - "The Bracelet"

Men's Bracelets

Men's Bracelets

To accentuate the arm of a man we add a bracelet. We have curated our men's bracelets into 3 types.

The Anchor Bracelet - For those who love boats, ships, swimming pools and Popeye these is a marvellous way to beautify your arm.

The Shackle Bracelet - For those that are being "locked down" or maybe lock down someone else - this may be suitable for you!

The Stone Bracelet - Whether it's the fortitude or shear beautification required, the stone bracelet can change the life of someone.

To review the full collection, the most sought after, click below.

Mens Bracelets - A "Mans Cave" Collection

Australian Knives - The Toughest Knives we could find

Australian Knives - Big Red Knives

Australian Knives - Big Red Knives

Many of those cooking in Oz, both inside or out the back, would benefit from taking their knife collection to the next level.

This collection of knives, made by the "Big Red" knife team in SA, has a unique fusion of artistic wooden handles with the toughest blades you'll find.

Oz Knives by "Big Red Knives" - Adelaide Hills, SA

Cuff-Links Design in the Adelaide Hills

Unique, Stunning Cufflinks

Unique, Stunning Cufflinks

Most don't need cufflinks every day of the week but for someone who is about to get married, buy a Ferrari or Ink a deal in style these may be the piece that takes the moment to the next level.

Designed by Adelaide Hills based Artist, Lynn Elzinga-Henry, these are small batch unique cufflinks found nowhere beyond the borders of Oz.

Cuff Link Collection By "Aya Kawa" - Crafers, SA

Local Brands (for those in Oz)


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