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Dexter Knives, USA Butcher Knives

Dexter Knives, USA Butcher Knives

We first encountered Dexter knives when searching for the best tools for butchers and BBQers. Dexter knives is the USA origin of the knives more than 200 years ago.

When considering whether or not to stock Dexter knives we were struck with lightening - we are an Adelaide based knife shed founded in 1836. Dexter was founded 18 years earlier, in 1818. Some one was speaking to us. When we were short on tools for the BBQ  the decision was made. We must add Dexter BBQ knives to our collection in the knife shed.

Dexter make more than just butcher knives and BBQ knives however that is what they are known for. As always - if you know of any Dexter knives that you cannot find in our collection please reach out to us.

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